Guide of updating and migrating to
 Visual Basic .NET

The best book for spanish speakers

Guide of updating and migrating to Visual Basic .NET





"The best Book about Visual Basic .NET for spanish speakers"



This book contains 18 chapters and 500 pages.

ISBN: 84-481-3271-8
Compatible with Visual Studio 2003


What is the .NET framework?

How I can do to update my VB6 applications?

Is the VB.NET the  best development tool?



by Erich Bühler (MCSD)

“Guide of updating and migrating to Visual Basic .Net” is the first book in Spanish language which includes the new features of this version, its repercussions over the present applications, and the most effective ways to migrate from the existing developments. It has been designed as a book of great advantages for developers who work in previous versions of the product, as well as people who wish to migrate their Java, VC++ or Borland Delphi, to .NET platform.


Original title  Guía de migración y actualización a Visual Basic .Net
Publisher McGraw-Hill/Interamericana de España , S.A.U.
Author Erich Bühler (MSCD)

What this book contains?

Chapter 1 - Introduction to the .NET framework
Chapter 2 - Introduction to the Development Environment
Chapter 3 - Introduction to the new .NET syntax
Chapter 4 - introduction to Windows Forms
Chapter 5 - Advanced graphical features with GDI+
Chapter 6 - Concepts and advantages of the Object oriented
                   programming with Visua Basic .NET

Chapter 7 - Handling exceptions
Chapter 8 - Basic features of  ADO.NET
Chapter 9 - Advanced features of  ADO.NET
Chapter 10 - Collections
Chapter 11 - Developing multithread applications
Chapter 12 - Reflexion and custom attributes
Chapter 13 - Using and publishing information to XML
Chapter 14 - Building international applications
Chapter 15 - ASP.NET server pages
Chapter 16 - Using XML Web Services
Chapter 17 - Using reports with Windows and Web
Chapter 18 - Private, public, shared, remote assemblies, and
                     its deployment process

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